A Clean Solution

Branding, Art Direction

SuperAmerica was looking to roll out its new line of fuels that exceed Top Tier fuel regulations. The team was tasked with branding and extension across point of purchase, literature, radio, and outdoor. We worked closely with the client to test and implement in and out of store graphics as well as across things like web banners and tanker trucks.
Through market research, we learned that customer recognition of Top Tier fuels was low, so informing the public became another layer to the project. We wanted to show what the future of fuel looked like, and combined visuals with clear messaging that drove home the benefits of the product. Gold and orange tones combined with the hexagonal shape imply a cleaning detergent and form the foundation for the fuel drop symbol. This brand conveys clean, bold, and promising. The new fuel brand was created to work with the existing SA brand guidelines, but to also push it forward.

Agency: Preston Kelly


The early stages were spent pursuing various names for the product, ultimately landing on SuperFuels.