Uncommon Social Media for Ubiquitous Kitchenry

Art Direction, Photography/Video, Editing, Illustration

Ubiquity can create a challenge when improving on a product category and raising your public profile. ISE had a goal of gaining more likes on Facebook, but more than that, they wanted to reintroduce themselves to many who couldn't put a face to the name on their drains.
The overall social media strategy took the shape of "Magic in the Kitchen.”. Some pieces focused on presenting the features of the products in compelling ways; others provided insights that moved beyond the realm of the sink—unique recipes, food prep and entertaining tips, plus related and curated content from around the web.

Agency: Preston Kelly


Sketches were a quick way to convey the idea for each post before we moved into execution. To aid in the shooting and editing of video, storyboards were sketched to iron out pacing and to help elucidate the content to the client.